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Introduction To Computers,Computers For Individual Users.

Most computers by only one person at a time to work are indicated. Often such machines (such as those in your school’s computer lab) are shared by different people, but only a user’s machine can work with any comment. There are six types of computers:

 Desktop Computer

 workstations

 notebook computers

 Computer

 smart phones

This system is designed for individual use by any machine system it is recommended that all samples are limits to personal computers. They are used by a person because of personal machines, called microcomputers. However, the term personal machine following section you will find out in detail in the desktop machines, the most used.The network can be connected.

Desktop computer.

The most common type of personal computer desktop machine to sit on a desk or table is to map out a PC. These schools, homes, universities and offices, you are set up to look around.

Today the most powerful desktop machines than just a few years ago, and tasks are used to collect amazing. These machines not only with the simplicity and the ability to control their work, but they produce the music, editing photos and videos, and play games and much more worldly wise may be used. From preschoolers to nuclear physics used by the individual desktop machines work, and are required to learn the game. There are two common outlets for desktop machines. More traditional desktop model features usually falls flat is at the user’s desk horizontal position system unit, are. Many users of the system on top of the monitor.

Notebook Computer.

They easily fit in a brief case by 11-inch notebook and shows the approximate shape of a 8.5 note book computer. People set their lap times because these devices, the laptop computer is called. Network machines can work on various current or normal batteries. These amazing devices usually nine pounds, and weighed less than three pounds. A thin display monitor and a keyboard to use the key, highlight the computer in the elevator. Notebook computer is working completely, use them when they go to the people who need the power of a full-size desktop machine.

Tablet PC.

Tablet PC moveable, totally standard computer is the latest extension. Tablet PCs are notebook PCs offer all practical, but they are slow and unusual pen input or a sylus, it is used, called a digital pin can tap or from the user’s voice Incidentally input directly writing software. Some also have a fold-out keyboard, so that they can be converted to standard network computer. Some models also have a main board and a smaller sized monitors can be connected.

Handheld PCs.

Handheld personal computers small enough to fit in your hand are computing devices. Handheld computer, a personal digital assistant is a favorite type. A personal digital assistant, a little busy and usually no bigger than books such as note-taking, as telephone numbers and addresses of the exhibition, usually used for the application.

Most personal digital assist the user to enter the Internet through a wireless connection, and various models such as cellular telephones, cameras, music players and global positioning systems offer as standard.

Smart phones.

Some smart phones double as mini PCs, phones put forward their phones to high-level smarts are usually found. This feature such as digital camera or music player, Bluetooth as Web and e-mail access, you can add special hardware. Some models also broken in half to reveal a small keyboard.

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