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Improving WordPress For SEO Security And Performance.

WordPress is the most popular content management systems available today is one. In September 2012, the 6 websites that WordPress option 1 was reported.
WordPress for me to sell customers on a daily basis inside of WordPress as someone who codes, it’s easy. CMS platform is proof that the future is assured – at least for the foreseeable future.
However, to download and install WordPress SEO, security, and performance is not enough to make the site successful. But the following basic tips for SEO and user experience will improve your WordPress site.
Although most of you reading this post is already a living WordPress site, this post just five minutes after installing the host will start at the point.

Remove some WordPress defaults.

Top item WordPress sites for removal: “Hello World” Post “sample page”. The site is still in development, so check the layout and typography of the elements to get right.
Tip: you better than the default message and page content should depend on. If you want to get a better sample content you Josh and Jonathan Ferrara by Simmons with WP plugins can download content.
Also, the default was “Uncategorized” category remove (or replace) remember to. > Categories – your letters within the area patrolled by the administrator can do.
Why it’s good for SEO sample page and post the “hello world” to end user experience less difficulties for SEO, but is more important. However, the default category for SEO should be a top focus. Your post was usually Uncategorized do not, so you create all posts related to certain categories.

Set your permalinks.

The default setting for the permalinks for SEO URL structure is not effective. To change the setting (/% postname% /) is generally best practice to name. Setting them as /% category% /% postname% / want to use the content for category (more on that later) are not better when it may cause a few problems.
Why it’s good for SEO WordPress’ default setting which advises against Google URL parameters, to run through all the pages of sets.

Add some updating Services.

New pages and posts a new URL to be indexed by search engines, it may take some time are generated (depending on the rate of crawl of the Web site). To accelerate it, the general settings page within WordPress you to add update services provide the opportunity. Ensure that the four are in the list:
You can see more than a few within, and allstuffweb a very long list.
It is good for SEO: Why your site indexed basically the most important thing is getting. A URL is not indexed, it will never be shown in the SERP. Quickly or frequently enough indexing your site your site depends on breaking news or current affairs, especially if, some large organic search means you can miss opportunities.

WordPress main page blog posts or a static page?

Actually, the WordPress blogging platform. Although still basically true, now it’s a content management system (CMS) is higher.
His concept was to bloggers, the default setting of your latest posts on the main page production sets. You want to change it to a static page:
For your latest blog posts Create a blank page.
Go to Settings -> Reading Settings.
Front page displays the latest posts or want to select a static page.
For each article in a feed, show the excerpt.
“The site’s search engine from indexing discourage believe” is unticked.
Note: Some subjects actually produce a page template blog posts instead of choosing to use the default settings by using a different method. I’m not a fan of it, but there’s something you should know about.
Why it’s good for SEO at the ability to solve problems with duplicate content and will help to indexation problems.

Media Customize settings.

By default, WordPress How to deal with image thumbnails gives settings. I’m not a fan of the default settings – available in WordPress per three picture sizes (thumbnail, medium and large) to set dimensions for your choice, and more importantly, the size of your thumbnails and to say I do not like at all to be created. When the ratio is changed to keep the images that you want to upload, not that, more often it is not.
To change these settings, just go to Settings -> Media and thumbnails to view your site deal with how to change the settings.
Tip: already set up a website and you are just now are realizing that you can do? Automatically all the thumbnails you want to change? There is a solution. As you change settings at once, you can do it by the plug can download Viper007Bond regenerate thumbnails.
Another thing I want to do month / year order of hierarchy is untick. Some large sites have a need for better organization, but the majority of the time setting is a unessential.
Why it’s good for SEO: Thumbnails bandwidth and performance helps to complete the size, than are useful for an image display smaller. The size of the full-size version free, for people who want to download will be required – a 2,000 X 2,000 pixels, for example, that you want to upload a photo. And to add the full-size image (2000 pixels of the original image is loaded as still called) the image settings for 70 percent note that is different than resizing.

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