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Top 10 PC technology and trends to look in 2017.

Although some critics love signing in as PC dinosaurs, laptops and desktops have become very slow, sexually, and even slower. For every blue screen of death, PC drivers are available to improve the virtual reality, 4K video and 5-inch connectivity technology. The next 10 PC technology and trends are available to see next year.

VP on your head.

VR devices come in many new sizes and sizes, some of them must work as a PC fit on their head. Dell, Essex, Siser, Lenovo and HP Mixed Releases, which will allow consumers to connect to 3D items that pop up as real-life images on the real-life background. These devices will always make fun of making 3D computers, play games, watches, and interactive Skype calls. It will provide “Holocaust Computers,” as they are called, Intel Chips, a integrated GPU and possibly a 3D RealSense camera to identify, measure measurements, and new approaches to the environment.

Storage prices will increase.

SDD prices are going on due to declining, and its laptop price will affect more than 2 computers and storage. For example, the Beel is not available, with Dell’s XPS 13 Intel Cab Lake Chips and 512GB SSD. Other laptops with 512GB SMS are incredibly cost-effective. Maximum PC makers are offering 128GB or 256 GSD DDs in PCs by default. Select the storage intelligently, because it is not easy to change the SSD to open 1 inch in Superman 2.

Talk to your computer.

The dispute between Apple’s Sri, Amazon Alizabeth, Google Assistant and Microsoft’s Cartana Sound-enabled Assistant may be more interesting next year. Users will be able to get out of the long-term conversion of windows 10 PCs, thanks to the “far-field speech recognition” technology that is working on Intel and Microsoft. So far, Kotana did the best thing if a user was close to a PC, but Windows PC million will replace AmazonOne’s rivals with this new feature. Cortana can do more than Amazon, access to cloud access, chat chat with chatbots, email check and other tasks.

AMD intel chip war with Intel.

Intel has been a PC unlimited king for more than a decade, but AMD is fighting with its new Ryzen PC processor, which will reach PC next year. A healthy CCC will be a good news for PC users, some of which can jump from the Intel to the AMD camp. The AMD claims that Ryzen is 40% faster than its current PC chips, which affects the paper. In 2017 later the gaming PC and then the main mainstream laptop and desktop will be hit. At the beginning of the season 2017, Intel’s Kabi Lake will compete and 10-meter meters cannell at the end of 2017.

ARM-based laptops with windows.

The first attempt in the Army PC run on Windows RT was an unorganized disaster, and it defeated many users. But Microsoft did not give it, especially 5G actually starts to become and the PC needs cellular connectivity. Microsoft has announced that the next year’s rules will be available with Colombo ARM-based snapragon 835, which is primarily for smartphones. Super-thin laptop chip chip will get integrated modems and a longer battery life. The ARM-based PC will run Win32 applications that run on regular x86 PC through emulation.
For now, a PC maker has announced that ARM-based Windows PCs-manufacturers may be cautious about the light of Windows RT FASCO. There are many challenges too. Snap dragon is not as high-speed x86 as Intel or AMD chips, and will initially support 64 bit applications. In addition, the simulation can limit the ability to exploit high speed hardware.

Bluetooth 5 will charge .

Laptops and 2-in-1 will be equipped with the latest Bluetooth 5 wireless details, a long and fast upgrade to the age-old 4.2. To clear the Bluetooth 5, the PC will allow wirelessly communicate with up to 400 megawatts of devices at a clear distance, but according to analysts, the maximum range is 120 meters. Bluetooth will transmit data to speed up to 2Mbps, which is twice as fast as its predecessor.

Beautiful screens, 4k and HDR.

The laptops like XP 13 and Leon Yoga 910 are beautiful edge-edge screens, next year a feature featuring more laptops next year. Additionally, 4K screens and HDR (high-dynamic range) technology will also be spectacular for sports and movies. More false photos resulting from HDR, and monitorers who support TVs, cameras and technology are already available. The National Flex on HDR is also doubled. An HDR quality fight has encountered with DDB Vision and HBB3, but GPU equipment are supporting both standards. AMD DolbyVision is finally hoping to win .2017

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